Members interested in applying for the FBTA SOUTH FLORIDA CHAPTER scholarship are requested to submit a Scholarship Application. 



I. Background

One mission of the Association is for professional development of the members. While many professionals have experience and knowledge in their field, there are professional designations that instantly recognize your achievements. One such designation is GBTA’s Business Travel Management Education for Every Experience Level. Education Programs include the following:




The Global Travel Professional™ (GTP)

Recertification (for existing GTPs)

II. Purpose

FBTA SOUTH FLORIDA CHAPTER acknowledges and appreciates the importance of ongoing education both to the individual member, and the organization at large. With that in mind, FBTA SOUTH FLORIDA CHAPTER has established a scholarship fund to be awarded on an annual basis to both Allied and Direct members who are seeking their Business Travel Management Education and GTP certifications as mentioned above. In addition, in recognition that companies are reducing budgets for education opportunities, we have added the option to apply toward GBTA Convention registration, transportation, or accommodation as well as attendance to FBTA’s Day of Education.

III. Applicants

A. Who May Apply

The scholarship is available to both Allied and Direct members who have been a member of FBTA SOUTH FLORIDA CHAPTER for a continuous period of at least one year in good standing. Consideration will be given to members who may have changed employers, but have maintained their membership in FBTA SOUTH FLORIDA CHAPTER. For the exception of Option 1 which is specifically designated for New Direct Members (Travel Buyers).

B. Timetable

Interested applicants should submit their application  on or before April 30, 2017. All applicants will be informed of their status in May.

C. Review Panel

 A committee comprised of two FBTA members, immediate past president and vice president of Finance, will review all submissions unless they are a candidate under consideration. In that case, the president will appoint an alternate. The decisions of the Review Panel are final.

D. Frequency

The scholarship will be awarded on an annual basis. In those years where there are no applicants, the funds will remit to the general operating fund of the organization. There will be no accruals. Awards must be redeemed within 12 months of the awarded date.

E. Method of Payment

We will reimburse the award recipient upon presentation of receipts indicating that a payment has been made directly to GBTA or FBTA.

IV. Scholarship Award Options

GBTA South Florida 2017 Scholarships

GBTA South Florida will be awarding scholarships at our Day of Education on May 12, 2017.  Applications are open in March and final applications are due April 30, 2017.  Total value of all scholarships is $7030.00.  Scholarships are good for 12 months.

Applicants must be a member in good standing of GBTA South Florida. 

The following scholarships will be awarded:

Student University / College Scholarship:          

$1,000 scholarship will be awarded to one Allied Member and one Direct Member whose son or daughter is currently attending college or university for utilization towards tuition, housing, books and supplies. 

GBTA Convention Scholarship:

Award one allied and one direct GBTA convention registration plus $500 in for travel related expenses.  Total Value: $1495.00

GBTA Continuing ED Scholarship:

Two $500 scholarships to any member to be used towards: GTP, GLP, Legislative Symposium, Fundamentals or other GBTA sanction education.

GBTA All Access Membership:

            One allied and one direct: $520

V. Application

Members interested in applying for the FBTA SOUTH FLORIDA CHAPTER scholarship are requested to submit a narrative outlining their professional development plan. At a minimum, Applicants should state their involvement with FBTA SOUTH FLORIDA CHAPTER, the length of their involvement with the organization, and what they plan to do with their designation or award. Preference will be given to members who have had board positions within the organization, participated on subcommittees, or who have actively advanced the value of membership in FBTA SOUTH FLORIDA CHAPTER. Applicants are eligible to receive no more than two scholarships in any consecutive 5-year period. Participation in this scholarship award is not connected in any way with any other scholarship funding that may be available through GBTA or CPC. Members can apply for more than one grant, but only one grant will be awarded to any one member.